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Equestrian Volunteer Ranger

Equestrian Ranger

Equestrian Ranger Duties:
The FSVA Equestrian Ranger patrols a wide range of interconnected trails in the National Forest Wilderness area, sometimes spending one or more nights in the forest. From gorgeous flower covered meadows and grasslands of Garner Valley to the to tree enshrouded wilderness trails of the high country, our Equestrian rangers can be found on the hundreds of miles of trails from Cahuilla mountain all the way up to Devil’s Slide and beyond.

Equestrian Trail Patrols in the National Forest involve multiple duties including:
-Assist Forest visitors
-Count the number of visitors
-Check permits and note violations
-Make sure camp sites are being used properly
-Trail maintenance & trash removal
-Pack in services for Research, Historical and some non-profit organizations
-Maintain Forest Service presence

- You may also qualify to join our award winning equestrian parade unit. They perform in parades and festivals from San Juan Capistrano to Bishop.

Equestrian Ranger Requirements:
-Access to your own horse
-Transportation for your own horse to the trailhead
-Adequate Experience and training for rider and horse.  Must be comfortable with trail riding on mountainous and varied terrain that may be encountered. This experience will be tested.
-Horse that is not likely to shy or react violently to the close presence of other horses, rangers and/or hikers.

NOTE: this is a volunteer position and the resources are to be provided by the volunteer.

Equestrian Ranger Training Program:
New ranger orientation and training is provided annually.
In-service training is also provided.

Apply to be a Equestrian Ranger!
Download your form fillable pdf application and fax to 951-659-2107