Forest Service Volunteers

Volunteer with the FSVA.

Chances are you’ve run into one of our Volunteer Wilderness Patrol or Equestrian Rangers on the trail, but did you know that you could become a Volunteer Ranger yourself?

We have several volunteer opportunities that range from Wilderness Ranger and Equestrian Patrols, to working with the public at the Ranger Station (and more!). To see if you're a fit for the activity, click on the link you're interested in below to see the basic requirements and how you can get involved to help the Forest today!

Volunteer Wilderness Ranger (Hiking Patrol)

Volunteer Equestrian Ranger

Ranger Station Volunteer

Other Opportunities: we are open to working with you to help you use your skills and talents to help out the forest. Please contact for inquiries about other opportunities to help out.

Enjoy and Protect the San Jacinto Wilderness. Become a volunteer today!