Volunteer Wilderness Ranger

Volunteer Wilderness Ranger

Forest Service Volunteer Wilderness Ranger

Volunteer Wilderness Ranger Key Purposes:
-to educate the visitors about Forest Service lands and protection of Wilderness.
-to serve as the eyes and ears of the Forest Service.
-to help preserve the Wilderness by maintaining trails and campsites, and reporting any problems we encounter.

Volunteer Wilderness Ranger Duties:
The FSVA Wilderness Ranger patrols through a wide range of interconnected trails in the National Forest Wilderness and non-wilderness areas, sometimes spending one or more nights in the forest. From gorgeous flower covered meadows and grasslands of Garner Valley to the tree enshrouded wilderness trails of the high country, our Wilderness Rangers can be found hiking the hundreds of miles of trails from Cahuilla mountain all the way up to Tahquitz Peak and beyond.

Volunteer Wilderness Ranger Patrols in the National Forest involve multiple duties including:
-Assist Forest visitors
-Count the number of visitors
-Check permits and note violations
-Potential cross-country patrol of backcountry
-Illegal fire ring removal
-Make sure camp sites are being used properly
-Trail maintenance & trash removal
-Volunteer cross-cut saw crew
-Maintain Forest Service presence
-Pack in services for Research, Historical and some non-profit organizations
-Assist with yearly prescribed studies and surveys as part of the management plans for the San Jacinto and Santa Rosa Wilderness areas.


Volunteer Wilderness Ranger Patrol Requirements:
-Access to your own hiking gear including weather appropriate clothing, especially if volunteering for Winter Patrol of high country.
-Your own transportation to the trailhead.
-Adequate hiking experience and training. Must be comfortable with hiking steep mountainous and varied terrain that may be encountered. This experience will be assessed during training period.
-Be able to volunteer at least 8 hours per month per year to stay an active volunteer ranger. Non-trail volunteer time (other FSVA volunteer areas) is counted toward your totals.

Volunteer Wilderness Ranger Training Program:
-Attend the orientation class-6 hours
-A minimum of 5 comprehensive training hikes with experienced rangers-8 hours each hike 
-1 day working at the ranger station front desk or at Humber Park trail heads-8 hours
-Yearly re-certification training day participation-4 hours


Apply to be a Volunteer Wilderness Ranger!
Download your form fillable pdf application, fill it out and email it in to FSVA.info@gmail.com or fax to 951-659-2107