San Bernardino National Forest Mission Statement

The people who manage the San Bernardino National Forest will be leaders in land stewardship by and through the use of ecosystem management into the 21st century.

All aspects of the life, health, and integrity of the San Bernardino National Forest will be managed for sustainability. Spiritual and historical sites, physical features, and watersheds will be similarly valued.

As caretakers of this special place, we will be committed to conserving the right and varied cultural and biological resources which make up this National Forest. We will take advantage of quality opportunities for environmental education, recreation, and enterprise while balancing the needs of healthy dynamic ecosystems. This balance is achieved through intelligent research, creative leadership, innovative planning, cooperative partnerships, open communication, personal accountability and service.

The Forest will strive to provide a safe and inviting environment for its diverse and multicultural visitors, neighbors and employees. The San Bernardino National Forest will be interested and committed partners with its communities. The value of fire as a component of healthy ecosystems will be balanced with the need to protect life, property and natural resources.

The San Bernardino National Forest, from desert floor to alpine peaks, from flowering cactus to eagles soaring above tall pines, will be managed to allow future generations to discover and appreciate this natural world at the doorstep of urban Southern California.