What permits do I need for my trip?

1. Wilderness Visitor Permit: This is a free permit that helps us manage the number of visitors, have a record of visitors for safety in case of fire or other emergency, and preserve the nature of the wilderness. Help us keep the forest safe by picking up a free permit at the self service kiosk outside of the Forest Service Ranger Station in Idyllwild.

Please have a copy of your permit on your person during your visit to the Sxan Jacinto Wilderness. If your party splits up during your visit each person should have a copy of your permit.  USFS permits are issued for groups up to 12 people. A separate permit is needed for each trip.  You may be asked by a U.S. Forest Service representative to see your permit.    

For more information, read "Why do I need a Wilderness Visitor Permit?

NOTE: In order to prevent excessive impact on wildlife and wilderness resources, Devil's Slide Trail has a limit on the number of weekend permits issued during the peak summer season from memorial day to labor day.

2. Adventure Pass:If you will be parking at an improved trailhead (with restrooms or other facilities that require constant mantainance and upkeep) you will need to pick up an Adventure Pass. You can either buy a day pass at the Forest Service Ranger Station in Downtown Idyllwild for $5 or a year pass for $30 with a second car included for only an additional $5.